Thursday, June 30, 2011

Best beatbox ever!!!

Whoa dude, seriously?AWESOME!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh man!

After one year and some months, we've finally reached our decision, to make sonic x turbo z, and megaman ultimate dimensions, ( Sprite movies, that we were going to do, we talked about it at our old website), anyway, if you have some good sprite sheets, from sonic or megaman, please send us, or maybe sfx sprites, we cannot find any good sprites on the internet, so please send us some:

our e-mails:



Any sprites of those will be good, and also if you found some good musics and sound effects, tell us, you could just post it on the blog.

I will tri to talk to canjuspirit or xacara x or even ldgvegetto on newgrounds, by getting their e - mail, I ' ve tried to talk with some of them, but they just wont answer!

Anyways, thats all thanks.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sonic's quest for power - flash sprite movie

This is really cool, for a better view of it, and the other episodes, visit newgorunds:

Sonic's quest for power 1:


Sonic's quest for power 2:


Sonic's quest for power 3 part 1:


Sonic's quest for power 3 part 2:

Sonic's quest for power 3 part 3:


Sonic's quest for power 3 part 4 (end)


The dragon ball rap

Really cool
(I know its in spanish, but it is cool)


I dont lnow where this game is from, but it sure is awesome, visit his channel on youtube for more information, (I will try to find the download link

Megaman vs zero - funnyest video ever!

Ace and I used to watch this

Look wat i found

I laughed so much when i saw this...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sonic blog- posts

Well, here's our latest featured user interview. Sorry b'out being a day late, had some stuff to take care of. Anyways, let's skip any jokes and antics I had in mind, and get right to it. When asked how he felt about his latest win for Featured User nomination, morff said he felt "Great. And surprised, again. Not sure what I did this month to warrant such support. But it's always nice to be appreciated." Welp, let's get going.

#1 Q) What infraction do you hate the most on a wiki?

A) I don't like it when people aren't civil with each other. Civility is so important for wiki communities. If we can't get along, what's the point?

#2 Q) How much has the wiki changed in four years?

A) So much I can't even really remember what the wiki used to be like. The skin has changed twice, policies have been refined, the amount of content has shot up. Users have come and gone. And, of course, we held the huge Sonic Character Tournament this past year.

#3 Q) How do you feel the Sonic Character Tournament went?

A) Fantastically! We got some brilliant turnouts, some great comments, and I think everyone had a blast. Also, the best hedgehog won, which was nice (but it was touch-and-go for a minute!). And hopefully we attracted a lot of new users to the wiki. Everyone put in a lot of effort, but in the end it was absolutely worth it!

#4 Q) While the move is taking quite some time, it's still active. If you went, what would you want to do or change on the new SNN that you can't do here?

A) Can't really think of a thing. It might be a good opportunity to review some policies, but I suppose we could do that here just as well as there.

#5 Q) What was the worst vandalism incident you ever had to deal with?

A) I don't think about vandalism in those terms. Vandalism happens. Fix it, block the user responsible, and move on. Don't let it ruin your day. Glorifying the incident will only give the vandal attention and make them more likely to do it again.

#6 Q) You've been around longer than almost anyone, so tell us: when did the infamous iLike first appear?

A) No idea. See the previous response.

#7 Q) What aspect of SNN do you like the most?

A) I like the idea of making an encyclopedia that will be around for years to come, and I like making pages for things that nobody else has documented anywhere else on the internet yet.

#8 Q) What aspect of SNN do you dislike the most?

A) It's far too addictive!

#9 Q) If you could change anything about any character, who and what would it be?

A) Hmm... Sonic should be orange. And he shouldn't have super speed. Or spikes. :P Nah. Why would I want to change anything about anyone?

#10 Q) First thing that comes to your mind when I say this word: "eclaire"?

A) Those little cream-filled pastries. Although the thing I think of after the first thing is an episode of the 1990s cartoon The Tick which featured two Belgian superheroes named Eclair and Blitzen. Random, eh?

This was found here:

Real?Or fake? CP news

I just found these, from the net, they are probaly fake, BUT, after lots of researches, I found this!

CP hacks coming soon!

One more awesome video from freddiew!

The rocket jump!


Future first person shooter

I know some of you like shooting games, how do you think of them in the future?

Persuit force- review

If you have your psp hacked,you dont wanna download version 6.39, but you want persuit force, download this iso file:





What? Vista install?

Real life aimbot!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cool videos

Have u imagined some liquid nitrogen in a swimming pool?




You might have heard that some people hacked into the playstation store, well, download version 6.39 and they made a welcome babk program, that you can download the game 'persuit force'for free!!

Also they've hacked sony again, they've also hacked nintendo, and FBI, they think that the hackers work in microsoft, and one of them works on FBI.

Anyways, enjoy persuit force!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Dude!forgot to tell you guys about the band called gorillaz, too bad its over, but i still love its musics!
You might havent heard of it, but it sure is awesome!

Thats why I made a drawing of one of the cartoons of the band!

Made by me!

And also a little video for ya.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Call of duty 1 - download - video by me!


like i said on youtube, that i was gonna tell you how to do this even more detailed,

Look at the description of the video! Oh! And just to tell you, my name on youtube is hypermugen 3

How to download COD 1:

download the file, open it with bit torrent, extract it, open codsp and there u have it!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gunny Bunny - online game

look at this awesome 3d shooting game!It is one of my favourites!Try it out!




Have you imagined that the internet would come to the real world?