Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sanctuary of heroes- Accepted!

finally started on our new project, it took a long time to do the trailer, so for you guys to not get nervous and mad at me , i put the trailer here...
it's not done yet only needs some music, sounds, and effects

thankyou for seeing this, episode 1 will be done soon...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

powersonic news

Vacation Update # 7

By: Hyper Knuckles | On: 22/07/11 - 23:19 | Comments: 28

Hi Another update, this time as well mini, because this week was running xx Come then.

* Update on review of Sonic 3, with a curiosity
* Update on review of the Wii Virtual Console, with updating the list of games

Check in: Reviews

* Added new hacks, highlights the Sonic in Knuckles' Chaotix
* Added new midis

Check in: Hacks and Sonic Music

True Area 99
* Updated the plug on the prototype of Sonic 3, talking about one's curiosity Sonic 3C
* In the links of the prototype chips Advance S 2 and Battle was a link to the site Sost, but unfortunately the site has a virus, so it removed and I apologize if anyone took viruses by clicking here (in the reference source of information)

Check in: Prototypes


* New photo of Sonic and You, sent by Nick the Hedgehog
* New reports of appearance of Sonic, the Legendary program, the Rede Record, also sent by Nick the Hedgehog

Check in: Sonic and You and Curiosities

* Added a new scissors depressing ... Tails from our lovely (quiet, do not kill me, not me that I called Tails Tails of the IDIC by Carlitos1998 ...

Check in: earwigs depressing

The next and last will be on Sunday. Arts Links and Power will be added there.

New website and new images of Sonic Sonic Generations

By: Skar | On: 20/07/11 - 19:44 | Comments: 53

Starting with the new site that SEGA opened to celebrate 20 years of the blue hedgehog you can check here . At the moment there is not much yet, but a video retrospective of 20 years of Sonic, you can check out below, a birthday message, links to the websites of games to come and downloads of wallpapers of Sonic Channel.

From now to the Sonic Generations itself. SEGA has released new images of the game, showing more from the Chemical Plant, in addition to the official game cover artwork and Tails of classic and modern, Stay with pictures:

The Sonic Stadium - site birthday
The Sonic Stadium - Sonic Images Generations

Vacation Update # 6

By: Hyper Knuckles | On: 20/07/11 - 17:27 | Comments: 17

Hello everyone. Continuing the series of updates on vacation, this was late because I was a little busy (and even today is complicated, I decided to shorten this update to leave more to Friday). Come on.


* Added a new cameo, a possible reference to the Sonic Crash Bandicoot 3
* Added new bugs: in SADX in Sonic Heroes and Sonic CD (thanks to ViniSonic, Nick the Hedgehog Roberto)
* Added a photo of the cameo Nights in SADX

Check in: Reviews , Bugs and Cameos


* Dei section reviewed a Time Attack. There were many broken links, wrong many times. Moreover, as the stick is gone, I do not know if he was still getting emails with new records. So I exchanged e-mails to be sent and picked out some games that were out of time

Check in: Time Attack


* Added new fan-made wallpapers Sonicthe in very good quality, as always = D
* Added a Sonic theme for Windows 7 (in reality it is just backgrounds)

Check in: Wallpapers and Downloads Super


* Added a new photo in Sonic and You, the visitor sent RickBoom
* Added new pictures of Sonic in the Streets, in the world, the photo of the London Marathon, how's going on in some sites out there, and in Brazil, some really nice photos of Diego de Campo Grande / MS, which is karters and kart personalized it with the theme of Sonic. It was very cool (Trivia added a copy too). Be sure to take a look, also has a picture of Sonic in Brasilia Shopping

Check it out: You and Sonic , Sonic the Streets and Curiosities

New Photos Chemical Plant Sonic Generations

He left today new pictures of Sonic Generations, and the artwork of Tails and Metal Sonic. For lazy to host the images and thumbnails, just give the link of our younger brother, the Sonic site

Video Sonic 20 Years

Sega has released a video commemorating the 20th anniversary of Sonic. It can be seen below:

E. .. that's all. The next update will be on Friday.

NOTE: Power Arts and affiliates will be added in the update on Sunday.

Vacation Update # 5

By: Hyper Knuckles | On: 17/07/11 - 16:35 | Comments: 62

Thursday update vacation. They will later this week. After that it is time to return to routine, no? Meanwhile, let's enjoy the quiet moments with more content.

* Update on review of Sonic Unleashed 360/PS3, with information sent by the trophies tech1sonic
* Update on review of Advance and Sonic Advance 2 at the curiosities of
* Update on review of Sonic Colors DS, made ​​by Neco
* A new video of Sonic bug in Master, made ​​by Wesley D.
* Added another exploded in Special Stage Sonic 3 & Knuckles Marble Garden

Check in: Reviews , Bugs and Detonados


* Added new rom hacks, some sent by Nick the Hedgehog
* Added a new fan gif
* Added the save of Sonic for the Nintendo DS Colors in Desmune

Check in: Hacks Roms , Gifs and Saves


* Added a scan of Sonic in the newspaper O Dia, Vinicius sent by the Hedgehog
* Update the Museum of Sonic in the year 2011

Check in: Magazines Sonic and Sonic Museum

True Area 99

* Small update in the form of Sonic 2 Beta, on the Alpha (Early Prototype)

Check in: Sonic prototypes

Power Arts Contest

An update on the contest, with three new galleries! Be sure to check and enter the contest! There are already more than 60 participants designs. Check in: Power Arts

Affiliates and Links

We have a new affiliate: the blog Seguetas , which as the name suggests, contains content related to the world of Sega, and two new links: the blog
Shadow and Sonic X and Sonic comics blog, Adventures of Sonic and Techno

New Column

The Radical893, former visitor Power Sonic, whom I have known for several years ^ ^ sent in a column with an analysis of the Sonic Adventure game taking into account the context of its launch, in anticipation of Sonic out of the classical world and enter the world of 3D. Today we hear the opposite. It is an attempt to try to understand how things have been reversed.

And that's it. Return on Tuesday! Until then.

Vacation Update # 4

By: Hyper Knuckles | On: 14/07/11 - 16:00 | Comments: 32

Hello everyone. As promised, another update updates vacation in July. This with a bit more content.

* Update on review of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic Jam with a curiosity (The Death Egg is not visible in Sonic Jam stage Lava Reef)
* Update on review of Sonic 4, with a section talking about the iPhone version, with collaboration of Ron Ketchum
* Update on review of Sonic Riders, with a curiosity: the stage name of Sega Carnival spelled wrong in the game (thanks to Dalton)
* Small update in the form of old characters in Section Blaze
* A new Sonic cameo in toejam & Earl (actually is more reference than cameo, because Sonic does not appear in itself, thanks to Lucas A.)
* New and various bugs: in Sonic 1, Sonic 3 & Knuckles with Knuckles, Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Advance and other games (Bugs Other Games)
* Small add information detonated in Sonic 3 & Knuckles (just a different technique to defeat the bosses)

Check in: Reviews , Characters , Cameos , Bugs and Detonados

* Added new fan-made wallpapers Sonicthe of great quality ^ ^
* New Fan gifs sent by our visitor Hyper Shadow
* Fix links in the sections of the Back button and added Fan Games Sonic Rebirth. Actually did not even know that he had not, until a visitor sent email asking for the game, which was done by Fast. The game is available with the mp3 music and download directly on the server is the Power Sonic
* Added new icons for Sonic Sonic R
* Newly added saves: Sonic Colors 100% complete (made by HartSonic) and Sonic Shuffle (VMU Save) 100% complete

Check in: Wallpapers , Gifs , Fan Games , Super Downloads and Saves

* Fixed two lyrics that were wrong in the game Sonic and the Black Knight
* Added the curiosity of earwigs in Sonic Riders also depressing

Check it out at: Lyrics and earwigs depressing


* Added two new photos to the section Sonic and You (and the FullSonic)
* And added a reference to Sonic in the "Best of Brazil" from 12/03/2011, where a reference was made ​​to Dr. Robotnik

Check in: Sonic and You and Curiosities

Why is it today. The next update will be on Saturday or Sunday. It will be the addition of the contest participants and partners of the new site.

PS: send me a link to a website that has link to the Sonic products. All sold overseas, of course. It has provided slippers to toys. The link is http://www.toysnjoys.com/sonic.html

First images of the Chemical Plant and Metal Sonic

By: Skar | On: 14/07/11 - 11:09 | Comments: 29

And what seems to be the Stardust Speedway.

The latest issue of Famitsu has confirmed the Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2 as one of the zones present in Sonic Generations.

The images are high resolution, since they were not officially disclosed by SEGA, but you can see what appears to be the realization of the dream of many old-school fans, including myself, the HD version of the epic race between Sonic and Metal that occurred in Sonic Sonic CD. Stay with the images, including some of the 3DS Special Stage:

see their website:


its actually a portuguese website, but i translated it for you guys...


I found these sprites in the mystical forest zone... cool isn't it?


finally did it!!
rushsuit sprites megaman 8 style!

to see it better and more pictures go to my profile on deaviant art

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sprites inc news-(website/blog posts)

This takes you back to the Homepage. This takes you to the Sprites INC Forum. This takes you to the Public Domain Section! Custom Sprites free to use! This takes you to the Megaman Classic Section This takes you to the Megaman X Section This takes you to the Megaman Battle Network Section This takes you to the Megaman Zero Section This takes you to the Megaman Legends Section This takes you to the Megaman ZX Section This takes you to the Megaman Starforce Section
This takes you to information on how to submit, as well as guidelines. Got a question? Read this first! Huh... what?

This site updated? That's un-possible. - May 1sth, 2011 - 20:10(GMT)
Time to party! Hey, Pinkie here, just figured it was about time this site here got updated.
This update includes some more ZXA bosses, the Megaman 9 Enemies and SubBosses being finished, Megaman 8 Megaman finally getting his swimming frames (it's.. only been.. how many years?) and Dr Wily from Megaman 4GB (yes, really.) and Megaman 10 being ripped. Oh, and don't forget Rubberman, from the Megaman 8 beta.
There are also enemy additions for ZXA, some inital map rips from the same series, more tilesets and even the items from Megaman 8!
(... yes, those too were missing. We've been slacking.)
For a full list of the updates (and who did the hard work), check this link. As normal, if you spot any mistakes, tell us in this thread and we'll fix them ASAP.


Classic Madness - February 13th, 2011 - 00:20(GMT)
Finally changed that goddamn avatar. What is this? Two updates in a month? That's crazy talk.
Seriously, as with Barubary's update, this one's pretty hefty, and includes some real sort after sprite rips, that have been sorely missing from this site...
WILY WARS RUSH!.. er.. I mean.. er.. ALL EIGHT MEGAMAN 10 BOSSES, AND THEIR WEAPONS!.. and Megaman 9's too while we're at it.
But wait. Theres more!
A variety of sheets got updated, (See Classic section, most of the major characters), we have Wily's first from from MM10, some new tilesets, enemy sheets, and even a.. er.. door.
For a full list of the updates (and who did the hard work), check this link. If you spot any mistakes, please let us know in this thread and we'll fix them ASAP.


Merry February! - February 6th, 2011 - 21:15(CET)
We should really start uploading the ZX(A) queue... They're finally here, those rips mega rock.exe, Soldjermon, VicksHB and myself did from Rockman.EXE: Operation Shooting Star. Most of them are listed on the general EXE page, but sprites for Shooting Star Rockman, WarRock and Harp Note have been listed at their respective pages on the Starforce page.
Aside from the OSS rips, I've added the rest of my own rips still in the upload queue.
For a full list of the updates (and who ripped what from those), check this link. If you spot any mistakes, please let us know in this thread and we'll fix them ASAP.


Merry Christmas from Sprites INC! - December 25th, 2010
Finally changed that goddamn avatar.
And have a happy new year. See you then.


Hi, I'm New! - September 18th, 2010 - 13:10(UTC)
The Twinkin Red Mage Hi, if you don't know me from the Forums I am Chrystal Chronicler (yes, I know it's supposed to be spelled "crystal"), and I am one of your new updaters! I only did a very minor update to get a feel for the system, mostly adding a few Megaman 10 sprites and a Megaman ZX Advent stage.

I have updated:
Mysterious Lab
8-bit Auto
minor enemies
Again, if any of you fine ladies and gents find any mistakes in this update or anywhere else, feel free to let us know in this topic so they can be fixed.


You know what time it is - September 1st, 2010 - 23:59(CEST) (phew)
Ancient Avatar. Should I change it? You may have noticed the site's been a little.... less active than it used to be. However, not to worry, we are still very much alive. Thus lets use this update to celebrate!
Unfortunately for some, this update still contains mostly 'only' rips from the Battle Network, Starforce and Legends series. The odd ones in the batch are two sheets for SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters games, and the memory card icons for X7 and X8.
The full list can be viewed in this file. No EXE:OSS sprites have been uploaded yet, those will come at a later-but-not-very-far-into-the-future date.

I'll also try to update some other games later, as I'm sure you'll notify me of any mistakes I'll undoubtedly be making when that happens. Speaking of mistakes, if you spot any in this update (or previous ones that have been left unnoticed up to now), feel free to let us know in this topic so they can be fixed.


Megaman Zero 2 Resistance Base Added - March 10th, 2010 - 09:30pm (GMT)
Finally changed that goddamn avatar. Yep. This is it right here.
This is an assembled sheet, so feel free to use it for what-ever, if you're still making Zero comics.
Special thanks to ChaoticNemisis for the rip.
Amongst other things, I've fixed the affiliates and replaced the 404 page. Yep.
Also we are going to be accepting Affiliates again. Sorry for not responding if you've already sent a request, it's probably gotten lost in wastelands of my email.


Oh, Look, another update. Wait.. what? - March 9th, 2010 - 16:30pm (GMT)
Finally changed that goddamn avatar. Huh? Is this an update two days after another one? Yeah. I'm going to be making lots of, small, updates to the site, every so often, to clear the forum backlog.
Some more of Megaman 10 is up, including the first batch of enemies, Dr Light's lab, and the Player Select Screen.
Strikeman's sheet has also been fixed.
Special thanks to Metalman for the player select and enemies (bar one, ripped by Blaze), Quint for correcting Metalman's Light Lab, and RandomTBush for correcting Strikeman.
And there were a few minor updates here and there.
The shop from Megaman 9 has been added, ripped by Repliroid20XX.
Bass' sheet from Rockman and Forte has been updated, with additional frames we were missing. The Tengu Blade for Bass has also been ripped correctly.
Thanks Model HX for your good eye.


Oh, Look, Megaman 10 - March 7th, 2010 - 09:49am (GMT)
Finally changed that goddamn avatar. Another Classic Megaman game has not long been released, and we're underway ripping the darn thing.
You can keep up with Progress here.
Things will be added to the site as it gets ripped.
Special thanks go to everyone who is currently ripping MM10, including Metalman, Clownman, Speedremix, Gaia, Blaze, Joe Collins, Repliroid20XX, and finally, RandomTBush.
I think that's everyone so far. Be paitent. We'll get this sucker ripped.
Also, one minor issue with the game:

Capcom, in future, make sure DLC is actually.. you know.. DLC. And not already in the game waiting for a unlock code. That's not how it works.

12 years and this is the best Bass sprite you could come up with? Seriously?

Additional Update:
Several of the missing MM9 sprites have been added. These include Hornetman, some Platforms, Enemies, the Dr Light Robot, Wily Castle and an additional unused sprite.
Credit goes to Metalman, Nightmaresplody and SpeedReemix.

Panic Over? - December 14th, 2009 - 21:52pm (GMT)
Finally changed that goddamn avatar. Well, that was a bit scary. Sorry for the inconveience folks, a security exploit on a different site led to the the entire server to be compromised with the same virus.
Fortunately, the server guys were VERY effective in helping out, as a result, we think the problem has now been dealt with.
Special thanks must also go to Neo, who backed up the entire 1.21 gig of forum data, so, thankfully, that has not been lost, and has also been restored.
We will be working towards really tightening the security of the website, so this should hopefully not occur again.

If you have visited this site since December the 11th, and do not have a virus scanner installed, I urge you to get one and scan your system ASAP.
Free ones include Avast! Anti Virus or Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Software.

We are now waiting on Google, who will scan through this site and hopefully remove the "attack site" warning.
Sorry for all this inconvience!

Breaking the habit - December 3rd, 2009 - 18:36 CEST
?????? Since the remake / upgrade of EXE1 has been out for a bit, I figured I'd better upload the ripped sprites from Starforce 3. Well, they're there, just waiting for you to view them.
I've also moved some of the recurring major characters of the series to their own sections, and updated the existing icons for Geo, Megaman, Omega-Xis, Sonia and Lyra.
The full update list (including the credits) can be seen here. If you see anything wrong, misplaced, or some other mistake, please use the topic from the previous update.
While waiting for the EXE:OSS update, you can check the ripping progress of the game in its ripping thread.

It's about time - August 31th, 2009 - 1:10am CEST
?????? It looks like it's time for my annual update. It was certainly not my intention to wait this long, but there were several ohter things I had to do (not in the least university projects).
Anyway, let's not waste time on idle chitchat and get on with the update. As usual, I'll only update the games I have some knowledge of. This means only the EXE, Legends and Starforce sections have been updated. Also, I've kept updating the Starforce 3 sprites off for a while, partly because this update is large enough without it. (~750 files new or updated)
To view the full update list, visit this textfile.
If I did something wrong in my semi-hurry to get this update over with, you can comment on that in this topic. Of course, if you see something else wrong that's nothing to do with this update, you can mention it there as well.

EDIT:Before I get yelled at: Three cheers for our new Co-admin Zyros!

No update. - January 30th, 2009 - 12:37pm (EST)
... There is no update today, I'm just cleaning up the news archive so that it isn't that big anymore.

I'm archiving the deleted archive posts here: here


Oh, yeah, we have a Megaman 9 section. - October 30th, 2008 - 23:25pm
.... ok joking over, this avatar needs changing. ... forgot to update the index page.. it's actually been up for a while, as have the character rips for Megaman, Roll, Wily, Auto, Protoman...
We did have Dr Light's new sprites but they've apparently vanished.
I'll update with the credits when I stop being busy. ... thanks to everyone that contributed!
Also, Barubary, I have beaten you... I sorted and uploaded the entire site (barring... the EXE section) after it got wiped yonks back. Does that count?
If you have comments, you might as well put them in the previous previous update's thread.

Record update? - August 27th, 2008 - 3:01am *zzz*
????????????! I dare any other staff member to beat updating 1670 sheets at once.
About 1000 of them are from the same game; X8. Its textures have been dumped (by yours truly) and sorted (by Duke78. Thanks again =D) for your viewing pleasure.
The other major game in this update is Ryuusei no Rockman 2 (Megaman Starforce 2). Just in time for the thrid installment.
The rest of the updated games include Legends 1 & 2, nearly all EXE games, and MM7. To view the full list, click here.
If you have comments, you might as well put them in the previous update's thread.

Meddling Kids... - August 22th, 2008 - 23:25pm
zomg furry avatar wut. It's the little things that matter.
I won't be doing much to update the archives, but I will be making the usual nesserary changes.
Things you might care about are Anubis Necromancess's sheet is back up in Zero 3, and more importantly, The MM&B Bass sheet has been corrected and is no longer corrupt.
Things have and will continue to change location, check the link above if you're wondering where things are being moved to. I'll update in the topic as opposed to here.
Because that would be the clever thing to do.
And for the record, we have no idea how we're going to get sprites from Megaman 9 until it's released.
Oh yeah, and this section also updated.

July Update - July 15th, 2008 - 09:14pm
... Update list.
I listed everything I did in the list. And yes it is on the forum.


June Update - June 04th, 2008 - 02:31pm
... Update list.
First part of the update is done, the next part is going to be
composed of ZX series rips (epecially Xterra's background
rips) and MetalMan's tilesets he has done, amongst other things.


About time I made an update - 19.05.08 - 17:00 GMT
Lolzor The title sums it up, I think. Update list.
Nothing too special, but it's something. I'll try to update again within the next five years. Or so. Oh well.


Random Update - May 09th, 2008 - 01:39pm
... Uploaded a couple of things:
1. Unused mugshot of a Pantheon (Megaman Zero) ripped by MetalMan.
2. Model X under NPCs (Megaman ZX Advent). 3. Mostly complete sheet of the NPCs (Megaman ZX Advent), the two blanks are for an old character who I hadn't found and the other for the little girl being held by her father.
4. Boss Medals (Advent again) under Misc.-Game Objects.
5. More stuff for the minigame (Advent again).


Affiliate Bar Updated - 30/04/2008 - 18:20
Omg. Wtf. Little on the busy side, so this is a non-update:
The Spriters Resource has been added as an affilaite, a great site.
I've also removed two affiliates: Megaman Empire and Twisted Renders. The latter no-longer exists, the former hasn't been updated in nearly half a year, AND my virus scanner is detecting viruses on the site!
Oh well. Hey TSR! :)


Big Update In Progress - 24/04/2008 - 00:00
Omg. Wtf. Some sections may vanish and there might be broken incomplete stuff everywhere. Bare with us - there's one hell of a backlog.
Note to self: Don't let your internet break, ever again.
BATCH 1 - ZxA - Advent:
Click Here to see what's been updated.
BATCH 2 - ZX1. See above.
That's the first batch of the ZX update... and considering I have quite litterarly been working the entire day on this, that's it for today. Boy is it alot of sheets.
Bean - you've been invaluable to us for getting the ZX section up to scratch. Thanks. =D

It's your Final Destination, for Pixelation! Or something.

You want Backgrounds? These guys have them!
You're telling me you haven't heard of this place? Seriously?! Do you live under a rock or something?
Accurate Title.
News point for Megaman fans!
The one and only Megaman 3 Team!.
A very funny HANDDRAWN Megaman comic with fab art and a great style. Read.
One of the longest running Megaman sites, run by Dr Cossack, has a nice and large community behind it.
Another non-specific ripping site which has a very impressive amount of rips. Check it out!
One of the Largest EXE Boards out there.
EXE HQ, with lots of lots of info.
A Spriting Site Dedicated to ripping from lesser known games.
Megaman Fangames
A nice spriting archive - just don't be an idiot at the forums.
Metroid Stuff galore! Check this place out!
A Starforce fansite of epic proportions!
A Online Megaman Roleplay!
A Megaman Fan Game for the Game Boy advance! It's as exciting as it sounds - check out New Horizons!

From 16/03/2006 23:00

go there for more info:


Darkjet Gif

If you want this, save as a GIF file, you could open it on MSN, or some other website or program....

took a while to do it, i was using pivot 3....

Sonic x turbo z Cancelled!

Yeah, we 've been busy too much, and also we could not work on Megaman Ultima Dimensions, sorry, but we needed to cancel it...

But we will still do Megaman Ultimate dimensions and we will do another sonic sprite video called "sanctuary of heroes", but don't get too exited yet, cause it hasn't been accepted by Ace yet, we'll see...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New blog coming soon!

well you know that we need a better blog, so i am making and html website!
Here is the preview!

i'm still doing it, it will be done soon! and when i upload it to the internet i will give you the link

1993 super mario bros movie?!

I did not believe it either, but i was looking through some channels and there it was!
well, the movie is not so good, really.... I thounght it was going to be fantastic! But its king of lame...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

God loves you!!!!

Dude, I haven't been praying for God the last days, but now i know that i really need him now , i praise him, read the bible, 4 times a day, that's probrably because i haven't been posting anything... But i just came here to say that God loves you, He cares about you, before you were born, He drew your face, he looked at you and loved you you're a gift to your parents...i found this verse and i think it is beatiful:
Psalms 127:3
"Lo, children {are} an heritage of the LORD: {and} the fruit of the womb {is his} reward."

it 's awesome isn't it?
so give your life to God, after that praise him, everyday, He died for us and we need to respect and praise him, do it for him...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Top online games- cartoon network

Hey, i haven't posted anything else about online games, so i though you'd like the ones in cartoonnetwork.com, the ones i like are:
Gumball Suburban Karate Master:

Really cool!I really liked the graphic!

and the problem solverz game:


Cool also, I think its really funny...

The one Ace and matixe enjoy, but i never played...Project exonaut:


Gorillaz - d- sides Highway under construction

Well this is a music from their old album d- sides,
and i've really liked it...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What have i been going lately?

Well, that's an easy question, i've been doing some of megaman ultimate dimensions, playing PSP, and some CD's i gott from my uncle that, are really cool, i really like the RPG games that comes inside of them,like: maplestory, dofus and grand chase season 3(that wont install in my pc)...

Coming soon, Megaman ultimate dimensions!!!

What you 've all been waiting for, it will come...

After a long time, i finally decided to make megaman ultimate legends with ace and matixe, you migh have been thinking it would never come, but we are doing it now with MSpaint, pivot 3.1 beta, and Final Cut, we hope it will get really good, and you will enjoy... thanks...

the picture doesnt look really good..i know...

Cyborg noodle or Noodle?

well, cybor noodle isn't bad, she helped gorillaz, while noodle disppeared for a while "which is funny cause she appeared again after she died in el manana,i like both of them cause:they both use guns, Cyborg noodle uses more weapons, Noodle fights more."
The first video cyborg appeared was Stylo, also, Cyborg noodle dies in Stylo, and both of them appear in plastic beach, and who the heck is the guy with the mask, if you find out anything about him, tell me, i am trying to find more information from the game of plastic beach on gorillaz.com
There's probrably more information there...

Plastic beach:

Guy with mask:

Also, if you visit their website, you will notice that, THE FALL HAS COME!!YES!!


Album pic:

Gorillaz edited pictures

some edited gorillaz pictures, took a while to upload them...