Sunday, August 26, 2012

This really cool video :D

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Comics huh?

Looks like the audience appreciates more comics then the other crap. Ive finally realized how much you guys love comics. I will be posting them here soon...
Bye! :P

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Okay man.

Yes, I will restart to make sprite videos for you guys. (They arent even popular anymore D:)
Look, here is a video showing some reasons that sprite video makers cant make it any more D:, like rpgfan2005: (man, i wish i met him D,:)

Ill start my sprite videos now for sure. Sorry for the waiting guys... D,:

A little sprite video for you guys... :P ( go watch their episodes!)

The secret ending of shadow of the colossus FINALLY FOUND?!?!?!?

Guys, I have the Shadow of Colossus game for ps2, not for ps3 , because, the ps3 version is kinda different, the creators have removed lots of bugs in the game for ps3.
So, as i was saying, my friend told me that the creator of the game said that the secret for the alternate ending was based on the cape of the game (for the japanese version) wich looks like this:

(Kevin told me this)If you´ve noticed on the first colossus, has a kind of stone temple, look:

As you can see, the creator said that the secret is on the cape of the game, the cape shows a picture of the 1st colossus, wich there is that stone temple shown above. The problem is that, everyone thinks that the secret is based on the end of the game, wich is probrably NOT. The solution would be to call the colossus to the temple, and then atract him to the opposite way, after that, you would come to his back again and climb on him. When reaching the top, you would have to jump to the temple (better if you use the parachute on time attack). If you didnt understand most of what i typed now, here is another example:

Thats it guys, ive never tried it actually... But some of you experts might make it... Dont be dumb, and try to find the secret ending at the end, the secret is at the beggining, a secret that might change the whole game!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Updates [FINALLY LUKE!] :@

- New background
- New Layout
- Removed uneccessary wigets on the right
- Removed uneccessary pages, anfo and draft
- New posts
- New html editing [Go check it out!]
- New Links
- Chat page =O


Dudes, i know you arent gonna apologize for this, because of how long i took to post something on this blog. Sorry that I broke my promise, i said i would post a lot o stuff here on the vacation period... Wich i didnt D: - Let me tell you guys what really happened in this whole time: As you saw on the topic, yes... My actual name is Luke. Its time you guys get to know me a little better :/ so, on the vacation, i went to my grandma´s house in Guaraquesaba ( A Brazil island) And i had her website managed, check it out at : consultoriolineia.webs.com - i stayed there for 1 whole week, wich i found some new friends... Yes. Then i talked and played a lot of video games after that. After i went back to school, i became friend of a girl, and asked her out to the movies, wich didnt work, she lied to me , making up apologies that she couldnt hang out with me. Wich then i found out that there was a frikkin guy asking her to be her boyfriend. Sheesh. Well, i guess im not too good at talking with girls , they always hate me :| Well then, i later downloaded an awesome naruto shippuden ultimate ninja heroes 3 for psp, wich then, i did beat the game in 1 day D: Later, i had some tests, a lot of tests. I then talked to my friend about the Minecraft Server (haleluia!) we are gonna pay for a dedicated server soon (me, kevin, joe the ace [oh my God , its been sooo long],and his brother matiastp). Well, i got really bad in school, wich then i got to be the strongest student in my class beacuse of the swimming class and le parkour training! :D Then i started practicing karate by punching trees [LOOOOL] It kinda hurt at first , but then i got used to it, making my fists stronger... :P Now lets talk about why i took sooooooooo frikin long to post any crap here: - I was tired, I wasnt feeling like it, i had a lot of homework, i had that crush on the girl, etc. Well, you might be thinking: "whoa dude, shut your crap."Guys, im sorry, please forgive me. As i was saying, i got a ps2 and got to know about the minecraft update. I felt really bad for all that happened, i was already starting to freak out man! But, i promise that ill go back to doing sprite videos. Look, im gonna update this blog now, sorry for every thing guys, im such a fool!